Camolyze is open…

Camolyze is just a tool I made for my own analysing/visualizing purposes. It’s not meant to be any most user-friendly application. And at the moment, I think there is still one bug when using video offsets. And if you find more post a comment.


[UPDATE 01.04.12]

There is new version, which includes some bug fixes.


Have fun with analyzing.

And at the moment, standalone app works only on windows. I’ve tested and developed it with OSX, but I’ve not had succes to build it.

There is a readme-file. It might be clever to take a look at that. But basically here is a simple howto:

1. Export map image (full size) and Routedata (2sec intervall) from QuickRoute.

2.In Camolyze press New, open video, map, xml-file.

3.Then Replay|Start

4. Wait ten seconds or something like that. (Might be in not responding state.)

5. Hit play-button. NOTE! If your video doesn’t start there will be a codec problem. Try to find some codec pack that works. I’ve found one, but it causes some problems with other media players. That’s why I don’t link it here.